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ContenKeeper Cache

ContentKeeper Cache

Increase Network Speed, Reduce Bandwidth and Contain Costs

Improve network efficiency, reduce infrastructure costs and better manage spikes in traffic with ContentKeeper Cache. This caching and proxy solution speeds the delivery of rich web content, while optimizing bandwidth, enabling organizations to manage increased traffic and additional users without upgrading their existing network.

Reduce Bandwidth and Server Load

Stores frequently-accessed data locally, conserving bandwidth and saving costs over time.

Increase Delivery Speed and Response Time

Accelerates the delivery of rich content, video and large files from sites like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and Hulu.

Scale as Traffic Grows

Add appliances easily as network traffic and users increase.

Manage Traffic Easily

Provides a simple, intuitive “drag and drop” graphical interface via web-based administration.

Confirm Authentication

Acts as proxy server to provide centralized Active Directory authentication.

Upgrade to TurboCache

Delivers high performance and lightening-speed caching for large enterprises and the most demanding environments.