ContentKeeper Technologies enables Australian ISP CyberOne to go-live with INTERPOL Worst-of-the-worst filter list.

Friday, 15 Jul 2011
ContentKeeper Interpol Blocking Page

On 1 July 2011, Canberra based ISP CyberOne Internet announced that it had begun filtering their TransACT-connected clients with the INTERPOL worst-of-the-worst blocking list.

Internet filtering specialist, ContentKeeper Technologies enabled the CyberOne INTERPOL filtering implementation with their ContentKeeper Web filtering appliance.

“We are delighted to have provided the technology to allow CyberOne to implement this extremely important child protection initiative,” commented Mark Riley, CTO at ContentKeeper.

ContentKeeper has been working with INTERPOL in France since last year and with the AFP locally to implement the INTERPOL database in their filtering appliance family.

The company has created a special package for ISPs around the world who would like to join the voluntary INTERPOL filtering initiative where we provide the appliance hardware that implements the INTERPOL database and also supplies the required special INTERPOL block page. This package is made available at low cost to enable ISPs to cost effectively join the INTERPOL initiative and at any time in the future the appliance can be activated to provide the full range of filtering facilities that can be offered to the ISP clients on a subscription based model.

The INTERPOL blocking facility is also available to all ContentKeeper clients globally – government, corporate, education etc.

“The implementation of the ContentKeeper filtering solution only took about 10 minutes and is completely self-contained and transparent to our network and customers,” Maciej Mikrut, founder of CyberOne.

The Interpol blacklist operates at the domain level. If the police find any extreme child exploitation material hosted, the entire domain is added to the blacklist. ISP customers attempting to access a blacklisted domain are redirected to an Interpol-supplied block page hosted on ContentKeeper's servers.

The ContentKeeper solution is completely scalable and can be implemented to handle multiple 10Gbit/s data streams.