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Endpoint Protection

Open Systems Australia provides enterprise licensing for desktops, laptops, servers, and many other devices. Please see the information below from our vendors and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Next Gen AV +EDR from Carbon Black

Cb Defense

Cb Defense is the endpooint protection product from Carbon Black. It provides Next-generation antivirus + EDR in one cloud-delivered platform that stops commodity malware, advanced malware, non-malware attacks and ransomware.

Contact one of our knowledgable staff at for more information, or take a look at for the full range from Carbon Black

F-Secure Anti-virus

F-Secure's award-winning products include solutions for home computing, small and medium sized businesses and enterprises. The solutions protect from viruses, intrusions and data theft, allowing companies to focus on their business and providing home users peace-of mind when surfing the Internet and receiving e-mail. Products are available for handheld devices, laptops, desktops, file servers, e-mail servers and gateways. A wide range of services from instant security alerts to product training are also offered.

The full product range can be viewed at or you can contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff to discuss your requirements and recommend the products that will best suit your organisation.

Kaspersky Anti-virus

Our products for home and home office are specifically designed to provide hassle-free protection on computers in the home and home office. Kaspersky Lab products provide superb protection against viruses, worms and other malicious programs, as well as hacker attacks, spam and spyware. Advanced technologies ensure the tightest security for all your computing devices, such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones.


Kaspersky Lab products for business are designed for businesses of all sizes, from networks that comprise only a handful of workstations to the most complex corporate networks. Advanced scalability combined with support for all types of endpoints and platforms ensure our solutions cope successfully with even the most challenging and dynamic network structures.


Kaspersky Lab now offers premium support services for businesses. Now a company can choose a support plan to meet the requirements of the organisation, or contact a representative to see what options are available for custom-designing a support-level agreement.

Open Systems Australia can provide any Kaspersky product to your organisation. To view the complete range of available kaspersky products you may visit or you can contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff to discuss your requirements and recommend the products that will best suit your organisation.