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Load Balancing and High Availability

Open Systems Australia Provides Load Balancing solutions for Servers and PCs in a number of ways. Please select one of the product groups below:

Load Balancing  and High Availability Solutions from ContentKeeper Technologies

​ContentKeeper are an Australian based world leader in Web security and Content filtering; providing security and web management facilities to much of the Australian government and to many large organizations internationally. ContentKeeper have launched their new Load Balancing appliance in 2016 to provide transparent intelligent load balancing at their signature high speeds.

Load Balancing, High Avaialbility, and Monitoring Solutions from VSS

VSS Monitoring is the leader in network traffic capture, with the world's largest and most feature-rich family of traffic capture devices allowing IT professionals to see into the farthest reaches of even the largest networks. The vProtector series of appliances from VSS provide transparent load balancing with a huge range of complimentary features, with options to suit  organizations of any size.