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Monitoring and Load Balancing

VSS Monitoring

VSS Monitoring is the leader in network traffic capture, with the world's largest and most feature-rich family of traffic capture devices allowing IT professionals to see into the farthest reaches of even the largest networks. VSS's innovative Distributed Traffic Capture Systems™ and active information assurance appliances Protector Series™ help prevent problems from reaching end users, and greatly accelerate the ROI of network monitoring and security tools.

ContentKeeper Technologies is a global leader in Internet security solutions. The company provides Internet filtering and security to millions of users globally. ContentKeeper Web (CK-Web) is a scalable, fault-tolerant, enterprise-level Internet filtering solution that assists enterprises to Monitor, Manage, Control and Secure their use of Internet resources through granular, flexible and customizable Internet filtering.

Combined Solution VSS Protector series and CK-Web

The combined solution of VSS Monitoring Protector Series and ContentKeeper Web (CK-Web) delivers the ultimate network monitoring, balancing and security solution for large enterprises from a single appliance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Intelligent speed Conversion
  • Session-Aware Load Balancing
  • Inline Tool Redundancy
  • Network Bypass
  • Policy Based Triggering
  • Transparent and Secure design
  • Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering
  • Simple, quick and easy installations
  • Easy and intuitive management
  • Flexible Control Methods
  • Comprehensive Reporting Options
  • Advanced Security Controls




VSS Protector Series

Active Inline Tool Load Balancers

The Protector series of Inline Tool Load Balancers are intelligent, hardware-based traffic redirection devices designed to actively tap inline networks for forwarding to inline monitoring or security tools. These devices feature Policy-based Event Triggering, Selective Aggregation, Hardware-Based Filtering, Session-Aware Load Balancing, Remote Management, intelligent stacking with vStack+ and complete configuration flexibility.

Active Load Balancers are fundamental tools necessary for creating total, network-wide visibility for inline monitoring and security. Using these tools as part of a Distributed Traffic Capture System offers users a centralized view of the network, as well as packet and flow level control of what each monitor tool receives.

Protector provides a never before seen level of security, availability, and redundancy when deploying inline monitoring tools, as well as the flexibility of aggregation, speed conversion, load balancing, grooming, and powered-down state (using PowerSafe™).

The active inline tool load balancers allow for 10M to 10 GigE network traffic redirection, traffic capture, active inline monitoring, and passive monitoring. When used for active inline monitoring, tool Bypass is also available. These hybrid devices offer maximum deployment flexibility.

Physical port configuration options include:
  • Gigabit fiber inputs to Gigabit fiber outputs
    • 4 inline network pairs, 24 ports total

  • Gigabit fiber inputs to 10/100/1000 copper outputs (via SFP)
    • 4 inline network pairs, 24 ports total

  • 10 GigE fiber inputs to Gigabit fiber or copper outputs (via SFP)
    • 2 inline network pairs, 24 ports total
  • 10 GigE fiber inputs to 10 GigE fiber outputs
    • 2 inline network pairs, 24 ports total

  • 10/100/1000 copper inputs to Gigabit fiber outputs (via SFP)
    • 4 inline network pairs, 16 ports total
    • 6 inline network pairs, 24 ports total

  • 10/100/1000 copper inputs to 10/100/1000 copper outputs
    • inline network pairs, 8 ports total
    • 4 inline network pairs, 16 ports total
    • 6 inline network pairs, 24 ports total

Any port on these devices can be user-configured as an active inline network input (matched pair), passive inline network input (matched pair), SPAN network input, active inline monitor output (matched pair), passive monitor output, or vStack+ port. vStack+ is VSS Monitoring's proprietary intelligent stacking technology, allowing distributed traffic capture tools to be deployed in a redundant, low-latency mesh topology for maximum visibility control as a single system.
Traffic selection/grooming options include:
  • Policy-based Event Triggering
  • Selective Aggregation
  • Hardware-based Filtering (L2-7)
  • Session-aware Load Balancing (L2-4)
  • Rack Mounting brackets (default)
  • Redundant AC Power (default)
  • Redundant -48V DC Power
Management options include:
  • Telnet, SSH, Serial Console
  • SNMPv3, RMON

  • Meets applicable UL, CUL, CE, & TUV safety standards
  • Meets FCC Class A & CE, Vcc I II

Protector 204

Protector 408

Protector 612

Protector 416

Protector 2020




VSS Monitoring