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Web Filtering

ContentKeeper's Web Filter Pro

A Single Solution for Web Filtering, Mobile Security and Integrated Reporting

Web Filter Pro is a feature-rich solution that goes beyond filtering to ensure policy compliance and safe web use without blocking valuable apps and websites that enrich learning and improve business productivity. It simplifies security and policy management, protecting networks, data and users, regardless of device, location or connection.


Uses innovative TurboBridge technology to deliver multi-gigabit filtering and scales easily with growing bandwidth and processing demands.

High-Speed SSL Inspection and Controls

Monitors encrypted web traffic to provide in-depth visibility, policy-based controls and additional malware protection without impacting network performance.


Provides accurate identification, ensures accountability and controls policies for user-owned (BYOD) as well as business- or school-supplied mobile devices.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting

Provides a user-friendly, web-based dashboard to deliver high-level summary and detailed forensic reports for web traffic, user activity, policy compliance and malware threats. Reports can be scheduled or generated as needed in a variety of formats.

Behavioral Intent Alerting and Real-Time Threat Detection

Monitors suspicious activity online and alerts managers/administrators in real time to mitigate potential bullying, self-harm or malicious plans.

Granular Domain and Social Media Controls

Controls the productive use of social media and applications such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Allows administrators to determine which functions, such as comments and sharing, are enabled/disabled to safeguard users, and protect data and maintain productivity.

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